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I had a wonderful experience at EMMC. The environment and management were very good.

Former EmployeeWorked at Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor, ME.

What I like

I honestly enjoyed working at EMMC. I felt confident that if I was in a situation where I needed assistance it was definitely there.

What I dislike

Pretty much nothing that I disapproved of. I'm sure there are aspects of the hospital that I might disapprove of, however I never encountered any.

Suggestions for improvement

In any corporation/hospital there's always room for improvement. Improvements were always being done.

Company Culture

I'm an RN and my teammates are a wonderful group of people.

Internal Communication

EMMC communicates quite well and frequently with all employees.


Yes EMMC encourages co-workers to work with each other. In nursing it is a must. Honesty and being direct are extremely important.

Work-Life Balance

Not for nurses. The 12 hour shifts don't allow a balance between work and life. The work overrides life.

Support from management

I always felt supported and comfortable asking for it.

Freedom to work independently

Yes, EMMC trusts it's employees to work independently. Yet If help is needed it's always available.

Inclusive / Diverse

Diversity is a huge part of any hospital. I felt very comfortable sharing ideas and most ideas are supported. Learning from different people from other places was a wonderful experience.

Gender Equality

Most definitely

Attitude towards older colleagues


Office / Work Environment

The environment was very good.

Environmental Friendliness

We had a special bin to put paper in for recycling and one for bottles and cans. Recycling was an important part of the hospital.

Handicapped Accessibility

Definitely handicap accessible.

Workplace Safety

We were given safety training at least every six months in all aspects of the hospital.

Overall compensation for your work

It was very compatible with other hospitals, however for every thing nurses do I feel the pay should be much more.

Job Security

My position was very stable.

Company Image

I was extremely proud working at EMMC. It is very respected and prominent in Bangor.

Career Development

There was always room for professional growth plus it was encouraged.

Challenging Work

Working in Labor and Delivery can be very challenging. You never know what is going to happen at any time. I loved it.