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Employee Satisfaction

    • 3.8Overall compensation for your work
    • 2.9Job Security
    • 3.8Company Image
    • 2.9Career Development
    • 3.2Challenging Work
    • 3.7Company Culture
    • 3.3Internal Communication
    • 3.4Teamwork
    • 3.5Work-Life Balance
    • 3.3Support from management
    • 3.7Freedom to work independently
    • 3.5Office / Work Environment
    • 3.8Environmental Friendliness
    • 3.7Handicapped Accessibility
    • 4.1Workplace Safety
    • 3.1Inclusive / Diverse
    • 3.0Gender Equality
    • 3.1Attitude towards older colleagues

Companies are rated on kununu across 18 unique factors that fall into 4 categories. Since 2015, 43 employees and candidates rated this company with an average of 3.4 points.

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What employees say

Employees like

A lot of overtime. You get to be involved in the local farming of cranberries. It’s very interesting work. Most of the employees are of the same socio economic background. They look out and take care of each other. It’s a nice area surrounded by woods. They make sure every employee is safe at all times. There is usually a one dollar raise for returning employees. You get a bonus for referring other people. You meet great people. It’s nice ...
The benefits and work environment are excellent. I am very happy with my salary.
I really enjoy working for a company that is owned by farmers.
I love going to work every day and also love interacting with our brand. I introduce friends and family to our new products whenever possible.
Like the people I work with. Really like experiencing harvest time and culture at OS. It's always a new and exciting time of year.
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Employees don't like

I would like to see more career opportunities available and to be able to envision a career path rather than wondering if the organization is too lean or flat for my development.
Nothing specifically to note, there is some uncertainty in change but it feels like the best is yet to come.
We did not receive raises for returning employees. There’s too much gossiping.
The information technology is some what slow in response sometimes
The company operates on multiple calendars. Makes summer vacations difficult. Always a big push at year end (which is June/July) to make the number.
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Suggestions for improvement

Hire more Information Technology personnel. Hire more personnel for child care center
A career pathing tool and/or some customization of work tools (i.e. choice to use Mac or Windows, choice of cubicle or open space, etc.).
Definitely need to have incentives built around performance vs forecast/budget. That way when we enter down markets for cranberries, we haven't conditioned each and every department to ignore their budget/forecast and just spend constantly.
Less incentives, and more opportunities for career growth. Better pay and a way better vacation policy! Vacation time so limited and so stringent on using it all in the same year. Just create a carry over policy!
Less sexual harassment due to hiring people that haven’t been properly vetted.
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Benefits & Perks

Here are the most voted perks & benefits as confirmed by 22 employees in their reviews.

  • 401(k)401(k)
  • ParkingParking
  • Employee discountsEmployee discounts
  • 401(k) Company Match401(k) Company Match
  • Vision and dental healthcareVision and dental healthcare
  • On-site CafeteriaOn-site Cafeteria
  • Life insuranceLife insurance
  • Health and wellness programsHealth and wellness programs
  • Paid time offPaid time off
  • Paid Parental leavePaid Parental leave
  • Flexible spending accountFlexible spending account
  • Tuition assistanceTuition assistance
  • Flexible working hoursFlexible working hours
  • Employee eventsEmployee events
  • Ability to work remotelyAbility to work remotely
  • On-site fitness centerOn-site fitness center
  • Desirable office locationDesirable office location
  • Free snacks and drinksFree snacks and drinks
  • Easy access to public transportationEasy access to public transportation
  • Stock or equity optionsStock or equity options
  • Vehicle allowanceVehicle allowance
  • On-site daycare facilityOn-site daycare facility
  • Relocation allowanceRelocation allowance

Best and worst factors

Best rated: Workplace Safety


The best rated factor of Ocean Spray is Workplace Safety with 4.1 points (based on 4 reviews).

Money is no option when it comes to safety. They have went way over and beyond to keep us safe. They count a little scratch as a incident report. It gets handled like a big accident. Even tho it's just a scratch, they want to prevent it from happening. (If possible)
One death in the past three years and many near misses that do not get report unless caught on the internal plant camera system.
Corporate environment, not many hazards.
I fractured my leg and dislocated my ankle on a known, slip hazard, so....uh, No. You're on your own.
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Worst rated: Career Development


The worst rated factor of Ocean Spray is Career Development with 2.9 points (based on 6 reviews).

Flat organization with multiple blockers who keep good employees from getting promoted
Only if you are young and willing to blindly follow and agree with what ever management says.
They want everyone to move up and be the best person they can be. All the EMPLOYEES I worked with helped each other. The atmosphere makes u want to work hard because if u dont then u look silly because your the only one not.
They train for the job functions only
They talk a lot about career development, but in reality the executives meet once a year for succession planning and determine who's going where. If you're lucky to get in the club, great. If not, you'll never have a chance to bid on new roles because they don't post them.
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Company Culture

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