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Do u want to know what the best job in the world is? LOOK!!!

Former EmployeeWorked in Production at Ocean Spray Processing Plant in Tomah, WI until 2016.

What I like

EVERYTHING, I don't have one complaint. It really is the best job.

What I dislike

I can only be greatful. They did nothing wrong to anyone.

Suggestions for improvement

Give me another chance. :)

Company Culture

AMAZING! I never could figure out how they got so many caring, hard working people in one plant.

Internal Communication

Very much so... Every employee has a Town hall meetings every month. They let you know how the company did as a whole. That determines your bonus. Anyone can ask anything. Management realizes that you are the one running the process, so they ask if u need anything to make your job safer or better. AND IT'S MAGIC, U GET IT !!!


YES, At first I could not figure out how one place could have so many caring people. Everyone comes there to work. Not 1 person pushes their job onto someone else. If u need a hand, people are happy to help. If u have a question, coworkers go out of their way to help u understand.

Work-Life Balance

Yes, They consider your family as their own. They have lots of benefits/ programs to help employees. They close down the plant and spend big bucks for family/ employee day. They also put a float in the parade.

Support from management

100% Management takes every opportunity to let you no that you are important and that your opinions matter. (If it matters to you, then it matters to them)

Freedom to work independently

Yes, As long as the job gets done correctly.

Inclusive / Diverse

Yes, If you are an employee, then you matter.

Gender Equality

Yes, 100%

Attitude towards older colleagues

Yes, They don't discriminate. Everyone is one big team.

Office / Work Environment

Yes. They do all they can to get you what u need. The Plant Manager would do anything to get you what you need. Money is not a concern when it comes to employees needs or safety. I have seen them shut the whole place down and loose LOTS OF $$$ for employee safety.

Environmental Friendliness

Yes, They do all they can to keep our world clean.

Handicapped Accessibility

There could be ways if it was needed.

Workplace Safety

Money is no option when it comes to safety. They have went way over and beyond to keep us safe. They count a little scratch as a incident report. It gets handled like a big accident. Even tho it's just a scratch, they want to prevent it from happening. (If possible)

Overall compensation for your work

When I was there the Manager changed the bonus policy to make it more fair, so we could hit the target and get payed more. Not to mention they pay employees more then all the other jobs around. It's Truly a Win, Win, Win.

Job Security

I don't think its good to talk about the security. I will say that their employees are their number one priority and anyone is perfectly safe to work there.

Company Image

I was fired and I'm still proud. I'm thankful for the experience and memories they allowed me to have. I'm super disappointed in myself. At least I can say that I work at the best job in the world.

Career Development

They want everyone to move up and be the best person they can be. All the EMPLOYEES I worked with helped each other. The atmosphere makes u want to work hard because if u dont then u look silly because your the only one not.

Challenging Work

They have a good competency program. When I was there, they changed the program, to help employees get raises faster. (How nice) When you move up, you can choose the path u want to take. It's different opportunities but within the same great company.