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As far as the lab goes which is all I can speak for it's difficult to focus on your work with all the dramatics.

Not recommended
Former EmployeeWorked at Doctors Ohiohealth Corporation in Columbus, OH.

What I like

It was exciting and always different from day to day. Caring for the patient was my number one goal and what I was good at. It's hard to be nice to someone while giving them a needle but if you are good at your job ppl thank you and appreciate it. It makes you super proud when your able to go in to a patient no one has been able to get blood from and you can do it first try. Bloodwork is really important to the diagnosis process. Almost everyone hates it though, so it takes a gentle hand and an encouraging word with a smile or holding their hand to make that human connection so they drop their guard and you can make them realize that Bloodwork doesn't have to be miserable every time. We were encouraged to put pt care 1st,the techs would complain about it because it would put am labs behind but those are the things people remember. I've been on both sides inside the hospital scared sad and lonely it really helps when the staff truelly cares and goes above and beyond to make you feel better and comfortable.

What I dislike

The bullying, the back biting and negativity it sinks the whole ship.

Suggestions for improvement

For personal issues to be addressed and zero tolerance bullying.

Company Culture

The hospital as a whole was like a bigger high school, people always talking about others sleeping with co-workers ect. In the lab I worked it was like 20-30woman all together no men usually besides our director. Which made it pretty stressful and difficult to get your work done without worrying about the drama. The group of techs were treated as if they were above us phlebotomists. Especially the ones that had been there ten years plus, even our manager seemed afraid to step on their toes.

Internal Communication

Yes we were scored by press Haney surveys sent to patients and we were always made aware of our scores.


No I called it the thunder dome, because it was eat or be eaten. We were encouraged to stand our ground and confront other employees. Some employees were bullies and management preferred to stay out of it, the bullies were never reprimanded, and other employees who were quieter and calmer just had to endure the mental abuse. I was diagnosed with a chronic illness an auto immune disease. Which I got fmla for but every time I had to call off I got to hear about how the techs don't think I'm sick.

Work-Life Balance

Not really where we were 24hrs when we would have calloffs some ppl were only given 8hrs away before they had to report again, & at times we coukd be kept 16 hrs before going home. I missed a friend's viewing due to a call off, I'll never get that back.

Support from management

No, mentally I was tore down and treated badly by my co workers while being ill it was awful at times I wouldn't want to go because my co workers, not the job I loved the work.

Freedom to work independently

Yes sometimes too much work for one or two people even. I got a midas reported due to me being an hr and a half late for a routine draw in icu, when I was following protocol by reporting to the first Stat first which was a baby in ob, then to er, then back up to 3rd for the routine in icu. So there was no way to avoid trouble with the way they were staffing us a lot of times.

Inclusive / Diverse

Not really. We were supposed to but it's a small hospital in rural south eastern Ohio, ppl were resigned to there beliefs and ideas and were judgy if others shared different ideas & beliefs.

Gender Equality

Seemed fair there were many women in high positions.

Attitude towards older colleagues

Really old ppl volunteered. Yes ppl of that age usually had seniority and got the benefits of that.

Office / Work Environment

Temperature was always way too hot in our room, most the computers were junk, and caused slower work flow daily.

Environmental Friendliness

Yes always.

Handicapped Accessibility

Yes of course it's a Healthcare facility.

Workplace Safety

Yes tons of training.

Overall compensation for your work

We were paid the lowest out of all the ancillary testing in the hospital.

Company Image

I was at the time, until I realized after the treatment I received was responsible for making me sicker. It really made me not want to get involved with coworkers personally ever again.

Career Development

Not within my job. A lot of opportunities within the administrative departments.

Challenging Work

It could be very difficult the most phlebotomists that were staffed at a time was 3 on dayshift, compared to about 8 techs. One phleb waz responsible for E.R.,one was to stay in the office and only report to pre surgery pts blood draws and heart catherization lab on the other side of the hospital! The other was for the floor which meant OB on 2nd and med surg & ICU on 3rd. As the day went on it went down to 2 phlebs til 11p then one until 6-7am. Babies and codes took forever. So if it was only 1

Job Security