Parkview Health: What's it like to work here?

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I have enjoyed working at Parkview They provide a great retirement plan, a fair wage, good benefits and family friendly

EmployeeWorked in Administration at Parkview Health System, Inc. in Fort Wayne, IN at the time of review.

What I like

Parkview gives bonuses to their employees twice a year. They offer good health insurance, life insurance and free classes. They have an employee assistance department as a resource to staff that are having personal issues. They have short term and long term disability insurance and provide special leaves for staff that don’t qualify for FMLA. They promote reviews that lead to better practices in healthcare. They are always looking for ways to improve health care and encourage feedback from co-workers.It’s been a good work environment and I plan to retire from the company. The management staff are fair and encourage advancement.

What I dislike

Parkview has grown significantly over the past few years. I feel there are some departments that have not grown at the same rate and as a result more responsibilities are falling to management, administration and the clinical staff.

Suggestions for improvement

To hire more staff in payroll and staffing office. When responsibilities are shifted to management, provide the proper training and education needed before implementing.

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