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Nurse/Care Professional


Median annual salary - gross - fulltime
(16 salaries)

$37,200 - $75,300

  • Parkview Health
  • Average
  • Branch: Hospitals & Healthcare

You can earn between $37,200 and $75,300, with an average of $56,700. In the industry, realistic salaries range between $37,000 and $102,100.

Distribution of salary information

Based on different factors the salary can be between $37,200 and $75,300. Most salaries are between $67,700 and $75,300.


Based on 16 salaries, the average annual salary at Parkview Health for Nurse/Care Professional is $56,700. The pay can differ based on experience, education, location and other factors between $37,200 and $75,300.

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Alternativ job titles

The information presented also includes information from current and former Parkview Health employees about:

  • Surgical Nurse