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This company has been amazing. Fair and supportive. I feel like I matter and that my opinion is always heard.

EmployeeWorked at Paylocity in Lake Mary, FL at the time of review.

What I like

We always have parties and team building events like a corporate 5K that we take part in, dodgeball tournaments, volunteer opportunities and so much more. We have an incredible support system and you pretty much have to be actively trying to be bad at your job in order to not get promoted or at least get yearly raises. I've had so many jobs before but this is the first time I feel like I have a career, at a good, constantly growing company that cares about me, not only as an employee but as a person. We have quarterly meetings where they let us know how the company is doing and what we can expect in the future. They keep us up to date and they spoil us and I love it.

What I dislike

I wish there would be a way to follow up on some information we receive but that's really all.

Suggestions for improvement

The only thing I would change is that sometimes at the quarterly meetings they give us some information on things coming soon but never really a timeline or updates so we just have to wait and see

Company Culture

I love working for this company. They treat their employees like gold.

Internal Communication

There are so many processes in place to help employees learn and grow


We have team building events all the time

Work-Life Balance

We get a decent amount of paid time off that increases the longer you stay with the company

Support from management

I get monthly meetings with my manager to make sure I have everything I need

Freedom to work independently

We are required to manage our own work and are given the freedom to do so

Inclusive / Diverse

We have people employed from many many different cultures

Gender Equality

All the management on my team is female and there is a very even mix in all leadership

Attitude towards older colleagues

Some older employees are actually given less work if they have a hard time to ensure that they can still work and have a reasonable amount of responsibility

Office / Work Environment

Our office is a beautiful open concept office with standing optional desks and ergonomic chairs. The break areas are also very well stocked and have really comfy seating

Environmental Friendliness

We have recycling bins next to every trash can and group volunteer opportunities

Handicapped Accessibility

Elevators and handicap bathroom stalls

Workplace Safety

We have OSHA posters up everywhere

Overall compensation for your work

I get a raise every year

Job Security

If my job were ever in danger I would be fully aware of it

Company Image

I love this company and how it interacts with it's community

Career Development

People get promoted all the time. In less than two years I have been promoted twice.

Challenging Work

It involves payroll and taxes so it can be very difficult and sometimes confusing but we have the help and resources we need.