Penn credit Corp: What's it like to work here?

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All and all it was a good experience because I could help people to settle their debts in ways they didn't know possibl

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Former EmployeeWorked at Penn Credit Corporation in Harrisburg, PA.

What I like

Some of the employees became like family. I enjoyed helping people who needed it to get out of debt. I also loved the vending machines in cafeteria. Good food for cheap. The company also throws functions where they feed the employees and they hold contests to win money or gift cards.

What I dislike

The negative attitude of some employees, supervisors, and managers. I believe they should be encouraging their employees to make their quotas in a more positive way.

Suggestions for improvement

Put a better system in place for when the employees do make their quota that their is no discrepancy as to how much is owed out. Also take more time to explain to new employees their pay system and what is expected from them.

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