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Quality Control Technician

Not recommended
Former EmployeeWorked at pepsico in Twinsburg.

What I like

Good pay. Good, lower cost, health care insurance. Lots of discount programs. Plenty of room for professional growth.

What I dislike

Work-life balance. Professional growth requires grovelling. Favoritism. Old school us vs. them mentality.

Suggestions for improvement

Implement roll out style shift scheduling. Allow employees a reasonable amount of time off. Scrap the "This is how it has always been." mantra. Adopt some more progressive attitudes.

Company Culture

Negative attitudes prevail. No pride in the facility. Systemic bad attitude from top to bottom.

Internal Communication

Information vital to my job is almost never shared in a timely manner.


2nd shift quality team works very well together. The other shifts not so much.

Work-Life Balance

If it was possible to deduct stars here I would. Quality Lab Tech is a MINIMUM 6 day a week job, but mostly 7 days a week. Quote from the Quality Manager, "If you want a weekend off that's what your vacation days are for."

Support from management

When asking for very basic equipment or repairs to equipment, the tools used every day, expect a very long wait, but your patience will be rewarded with nasty-grams about low yields and production lapses.

Freedom to work independently

The quality/ production departments are team environments. There are some tasks that can be done independently but they are few.

Inclusive / Diverse

Pretty inclusive.

Gender Equality

Quality has more women than most other departments but most departments are short on women.

Attitude towards older colleagues

This is an old school us vs them shop. Management vs workers. Older people are a valuable wealth of knowledge who should shut up and get out of the way.

Office / Work Environment

There are some very negative attitudes in the quality department. A great deal of that negativity can be attributed to the monumental amount of forced overtime. We do have fun now and again though.

Environmental Friendliness

Plastic waste. Diabetes. More plastic waste.

Handicapped Accessibility

Nope. Maybe a little in the front office.

Workplace Safety

Walkways and doorways are shared with tow motors (fork lifts). Lock-out tag-out program is just rolling out, most equipment is not LOTO equipped. Despite safety short-comings they did/are still set(ting) records for safety this year.

Overall compensation for your work

Wages are competitive. Plenty of overtime available. Benefits are really good.

Job Security

Unless you are a real slacker, rule breaker, call off a lot, or are consistently late they need bodies so you will work.

Company Image

Mountains of plastic waste are the company's legacy.

Career Development

Tuition reimbursement is a thing here. Free professional development courses are readily available.

Challenging Work

Learning the job is challenging because of the volume of tasks required each day. Becoming proficient at the job is challenging because of the variables in the process. There is always something new to learn. Overall the work is challenging and satisfying.