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Applying for Pepsi jobs.

CandidateApplied as warehouse worker / forklift type position at PepsiCo North America Beverages in Palm Bay, FL.

Suggestions for improvement

I'd love to be able to work for Pepsi they are 1 of the better paying corporations in my area. I've applied many times and always rejected. Never know why. The application process itself is too long and too detailed with them. Then They give you a multiple choice questionnaire at the end maybe I'm not answering the way they want. Corporations in general have too many ways to legally discriminate against who they want to hire instead of just giving a qualified individual an opportunity.

Interview questions

  • Gaps yeah... maybe that's the problem. How best does 1 explain gaps when you spend more time unemployed than employed? I have the skills as described in job details for the positions I apply but who knows what my competition has or how many others applying same time. Usually limited window of a few hours to apply before they pull job posting. Can spend more than 2 hours just going thru application process.
  • They give you multiple choice questions about how you would react if a certain situation arises, if specific problems occur and human relations questions. The questions are tricky as there appears to be more than 1 correct answer sometimes.

Sufficient Response

Application Response Time