Pet Food Express, Ltd.: What's it like to work here?

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Very proud to work for such a caring company. All executives are fairly easily accessible and I feel included.

EmployeeWorked at Pet Food Express, Ltd. in Oakland, CA at the time of review.

What I like

I feel supported by my entire team. Managers are trained extensively on how to support their teams and their growth. Also, VERY pet-friendly and always fun to take a break outside at the office dog park with some cute pups. Everyone is friendly and always seems happy to come to work, and the environment is FULL of hard-working, very caring individuals. Also, it's hard not to feel incredibly proud of all of the amazing work that the company does to support local rescues and really make it "all about the animals".

What I dislike

The pay rate is not very competitive at lower levels. It can be really challenging to meet the expenses of Bay Area living with the salaries at this job.

Suggestions for improvement

Add areas for employees to take a break. Currently, because of the not-very-safe location in Oakland, your only options are to eat in the lunch room indoors, in the walled-off, very small outdoor patio, hang out at the dog park (which doesn't work if you don't have a dog), or walk in circles around the parking lot. With how much time we spend indoors (and since two of our departments are in the middle of the building and have no windows), it can feel really stifling and depressing to be shut inside all the time. And/or add more activities/events for employees to do during breaks - coordinate a fun weekly game, or some other recreational break activity to encourage more cross-departmental interaction and give people something to do other than stare at a wall for half an hour while they eat their lunch.

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