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  • Dec 30, 2015

Culture of Dysfunction

company Pharmavite LLC
City Northridge, CA
Are you a Current or Former Employee? Former job since 2015
Position Others
Department Research/development

Company culture

The company has a major cultural problem in that people don't really seem to work together. Sit in some lower level meetings and see how people are almost always at odds. No one seems to be working toward a common goal, which should ultimately be the success of the company. Everyone seems more interested in pointing blame elsewhere, pushing work off to others and making sure that they look good (i.e. don't get blamed for anything). And fix the meeting issue. The only way that the practice of double and triple booking meetings will stop is if the new behavior starts from the top. And finally, I don't think the hiring of new Directors and VPs is working at all. Ask our owners to appoint some new leadership from Japan for Quality, Operations, R&D, etc. and they will provide some much needed discipline and straighten things out in a hurry.


The company is a complete mess. They have very poor and convoluted processes and sometimes no process at all. While they are implementing some sorely needed systems, they will not succeed if no one puts a priority on using them. People will actually send emails asking why something is not complete and it turns out that they are the one who hasn't provided the necessary approvals in the system to move the item along. The company has been successful despite itself. However, that is changing as they seem to have hit the wall and growth is stalling. Instead of treating mistakes as learning moments and opportunities to improve, they are treated as witch hunts even after Sr. Management has said that practice needs to stop. Even small things get blown out of proportion all the way up to the Executive level and even to the Japanese Board. It often feels like everyone is working against each other and looking out for their own interests instead of the interests of the company as a whole. There is no department that is immune either. Each one is worse than the next when you look into how they do things or you talk to people from that department. Another major issue is that no one respects your calendar. Everyone will book meetings on your calendar even though they can clearly see that you are already booked. It is very common to be double or triple booked for meetings all day long which can make it very difficult to get any actual work done.

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