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Polito's Pizza, LLC:What's it like to work here?

United States Industry Food Production/Farming
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Polito's Pizza, LLC experience report

  • 11.Jul 2017 (Last edit 12.Jul 2017)
  • Employee

Fun job, but not for the pay.


Support from management

The leadership at my location was not good. None of the employees communicated effectively at some times, and alright during other times.

Overall compensation for your work

For the amount of responsibility that they give their employees, the rate of pay is very low. The employees run the store with very little help from higher management 98% of the time. The work was easy overall, but overnight shifts were definitely not paid well enough for the amount of work you do.

Suggestions for improvement

  • Create more rules to make people stay on track while at work. Pay attention to the needs of your business more often.

What I like about the company

Family owned business with a strong base clientele. The food was good and cheap, the 50% off discount was nice, and the people who I served were typically very friendly. No dress code other than to wear the Polito's shirt. Very laid back with breaks and cell phone usage.

What I dislike about the company

The employer was not very good at paying attention to my specific location. We often had truck orders come over a week late resulting in material shortages. There was also a lack of workers which made shifts stressful, double shifts were common for all employees. The employees did not know how to effectively work as a team, causing a lot of delays in the kitchen and un-needed drama at work. Some employees did not do their job tasks daily, which caused confusion and disorganization.

Company Culture
Support from management
Freedom to work independently
Internal Communication
Gender Equality
Attitude towards older colleagues
Career Development
Overall compensation for your work
Office / Work Environment
Environmental Friendliness
Work-Life Balance
Company Image
Job Security
Handicapped Accessibility
Workplace Safety
Challenging Work
Inclusive / Diverse

The following benefits were offered to me

Flex. working hours is offered Easy access to public transportation is offered
  • Company
    Polito's Pizza, LLC
  • City
    Green Bay
  • Are you a Current or Former Employee?
    Former job since 2017
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The following perks were offered to me

Employee discounts is offered Free Snacks/Drinks is offered

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