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The Truth

Not recommended
EmployeeWorked in Distribution/sales at Power Home Remodeling Group in Chester, PA at the time of review.

What I like

There are some really good genuine people that get hired at power I would like to see more of them stay!!!!

What I dislike

They work people and push people to the point of wanting to give up. Then attempt to get them re bought in quarterly it’s not because they care for them it’s because they want them to keep working harder and harder and harde.

Suggestions for improvement

Cut back on the CULT structure Cut back on event spending and Start paying the employees who have proven they can consistently earn millions for the company a salary plus commission pay structure!!!!

Company Culture

Everyone drinks the cool aid the first 6months to a year then reality sets in.
Power works really hard at keeping employees in the power bubble. They want Your friends significant others to join. If they can make your life revolve around power they got you hook line and sinker.

Internal Communication

Power preaches open door policy speak your mind environment but if you speak anything other then the power answer you will find an already very difficult job get even more difficult.


Team work is driven by sales numbers.
You are paid 100% commissions only and bonus is structured so that only the elite can bonus. Leadership is structured so that you only get paid if your team produces elite sale numbers.

Work-Life Balance

Power strongly encourages employees to make power their life. Daily events strongly urging you to bring your spouse and friends so that they can attempt to recruit them into the company. If you do not attend you are ostracized.

Support from management

Once again an open door policy is preached but if you question the company mind set you’ll be ostracized.

Inclusive / Diverse

The company pushes this to the fullest extent..... Its motivation is public and social expectance. Not very genuine if your encouraging your employees to spread on social media how inclusive of a company POWER is.

Gender Equality

The company pushes this to the fullest extent..... Its motivation is public and social expectance. Not very genuine if your encouraging your employees to spread on social media how inclusive of a company POWER is.

Attitude towards older colleagues

This is where it gets tricky Power wouldn’t want to publicly come across as a company that doesn’t support or hire older employees
But the truth is power wants Millennials preferably fresh out of college so they can get them hooked on the Relentless dedication to improvement mindset WORK YOURSELF TO THE BONE for the company Commission only pay. If your young and inexperienced you would buy into this cult mentality very easily.

Office / Work Environment

If your not grinding it out daily you must not care about the team or yourself or the company.

Environmental Friendliness

Everyone puts on the power show while inside the power walls if you look closer you can see how disingenuous most everyone really is. Friendliness is forced it becomes a compilation or requirement if you don’t smile, say hello or hold a door your not nice and not a power person.

Handicapped Accessibility

Again of course power supports handicapped persons. How many likes did that get.

Overall compensation for your work

Sell or you don’t get paid !!!! You are required to earn the company 1.5 million annually or your not very good and you will find your job getting harder and harder until you are pushed out. Then they hire someone new to saddle up and dangle the carrot in front of.

Job Security

They hire and work people as hard as they can until they quit and then hire and train someone new monthly & quarterly. So much turn over that power begs employees to refer friends and family especially the newbies 6month to a year. Take a look at all the reviews on highering site alway employees 1 Year or less 4-5 star They encourage new employees to take job survey early because they are so bought in and blinded by all the monthly events and Mexico trip which isn’t free by the way!

Company Image

They work hard at their public persona
They say what’s your public brand

Career Development

Plenty of training and you will get a fancy title senior sales rep = sale for more the a year FYI No pay raise ... Mentor = you are now responsible for 5 other employees sales out put and you are paid only if they achieve lofty sales goals. Not guaranteed paid commission only !

Challenging Work

This is a one call close in residential home sales pitch that last 3hrs and your sale price range is $2500 up to and sometimes exceeding 100k. If the homeowner doesn’t agree the day your with them you don’t get paid no call backs no time to think it over YES on the spot or nothing. If you get a yes and they cancel you get nothing. If it’s not financially approved you get nothing !!!
No guaranteed pay !! This is a VERY stressful and extremely difficult job and the company doesn’t give a crap they just want you to go do it and be happy they pay you at all. You should be grateful for the opportunity is the Power mentality.

Freedom to work independently

Workplace Safety