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Overall compensation for your workEmployee

Sell or you don’t get paid !!!! You are required to earn the company 1.5 million annually or your not very good and you will find your job getting harder and harder until you are pushed out. Then they hire someone new to saddle up and dangle the carrot in front of.

Overall compensation for your workEmployee

If you work hard, the compensation is pretty amazing. 6 figures is very possible with time and hard work.

Overall compensation for your workEmployee

Power is generous in employee income. The average sales rep in Dallas is currently earning over 6 figures. Marketers are not far off.

Overall compensation for your workFormer Employee

100% commission - you receive no compensation for the hundreds of miles you will drives each week or the exorbitant insurance policy you're required to have; the company claims you get health insurance, but you have to pay for it.