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Pro-Lab, Inc.:What's it like to work here?

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Pro-Lab, Inc. experience report

  • 15.Dec 2015
  • Employee

Don't recommend unless much has changed


Support from management

I was hired to be a logistics and personnel mgr. They were told from the beginning that I had no working knowledge of the medical field. They said that's not why we want you. I took the job making 30,000 less than what someone at a larger company would make doing the same thing. ( I was fine with it in the beginning). So I wound up getting six months of work that needed to be caught up on dumped in my lap. Not to mention an incredible work load on top. Then when I began the job we had a recruiting director, she quit and went elsewhere so instead of finding a replacement for her they put her job on me. No raise I might add. Then our sales team went mad promising things that couldn't be delivered given they wouldn't invest in another lab all in the name of making a quick buck. I was asked to travel on my own money 4 plus hrs out of town after I had just lost my home to a tornado. I did. And then they told me to go back and I couldn't do the simply let me go.


I had employees that would actually dissapear while on the clock with people's lab specimens. My superiors who were just under the owners threw me under the bus constantly.

Suggestions for improvement

  • Start by learning your market. Don't just send a sales team with a pitch you can't make work. If I walked in and said I sale diamonds for the price of gravel you would be amazed and sign up. But when you only get gravel you may be upset. Second do a better job investigating where your REAL problems are. Pay more competitively.

What I like about the company

The only positive thing I can say is they were very socially aware.

What I dislike about the company

See some of my previous statements

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The following benefits were offered to me

401(k) is offered Paid time off is offered Healthcare (including vision and dental) is offered
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    Pro-Lab, Inc.
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    Former job since 2011
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    Logistics/materials management

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