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1 review from job candidates

I am waiting for a call back for person to person interview.

CandidateApplied as Office Assistant at Providence Healthcare Group in Renton, WA in 2017 and was deferred.

Suggestions for improvement

My suggestion is to let the applicant know if, applicant is selected for the next hiring process or not.

Interview questions

  • What are the specific duties of the job position? ( Placing orders, working with purchase orders, invoices or bill of lading? ) [ Do not generalize. Give an example.]
  • Is a degree with no years of experience, more valuable than years of uninterrupted work experience and ethics?
  • What will the new employee be shown or instructed about their duties? What is the expected time to learning the company's method to hands on self start time?

Clarity of next steps


Sufficient Response

Respectful treatment

Completeness of information


Interview responses

Timeliness of Decision

Interview Atmosphere

Application Response Time