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The people here are kind/friendly. It's a non-profit co., so you feel like you're doing some good, but the pay sucks.

Not recommended
EmployeeWorked in Administration at Providence Health & Services - Oregon in Renton, WA at the time of review.

What I like

They gave me a chance when nobody else would hire me. They were flexible with my schedule, allowing me to work part time while attending university. They have a yearly picnic, BBQ and Christmas meal.

What I dislike

I feel like I'm severely underpaid. It's a bit ridiculous that I've worked here for so many years, yet my friends/family who do similar jobs (at different companies) all make more money than me when they've worked there for fewer years. I understand it's a non-profit organization, but the low wage is probably why turnover is so high (at least in my department)

Suggestions for improvement

The culture and environment is great. The only improvement I want is higher wages.

Company Culture

People are very friendly here

Internal Communication

The company regularly sends out weekly reports, monthly company updates, etc


Yes, they believe in teamwork, but also honest constructive criticism

Work-Life Balance

They encourage you to maintain a healthy work life balance. They offer discounts to healthy lifestyle things, classes, etc

Support from management

There is good support and rapport from the higher ups

Freedom to work independently

You are assigned your own workqueues and work mostly off of that, with some direction from management

Inclusive / Diverse

They strive for diversity

Gender Equality

More women than men work here. And women are often in management positions

Attitude towards older colleagues

I think they treat all employees fairly

Office / Work Environment

No complaints here, except for the fact that my computer is almost ancient

Environmental Friendliness

Yes, there are recycling bins at every cubicle

Handicapped Accessibility

There are elevators and ramps

Workplace Safety

A saftey course must be taken each year. There is also a safety commitee that addresses concerns

Overall compensation for your work

Of all the people that i know outside of the company, who do jobs similar to mine, I am paid the least.

Company Image

It's a non-profit organization, and they have a good reputation around town

Career Development

Some people do move up, but it seems there is high turnover

Challenging Work

There a lot to learn when you first start out, there's definitely a learning curve

Job Security