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Overall positive - I feel proud to be caring for others and I feel my benefits make up for minimal wages.

EmployeeWorked at Providence Health & Services - Oregon in Renton, WA at the time of review.

What I like

Love the opportunity to care for others - unbeatable benefits, extremely stable job, meaningful work.

What I dislike

Management could be more responsive to caregivers' input & concerns, especially those focused more on caregivers than patients.

Suggestions for improvement

More attention to what caregivers have to say, regardless of how big or small an issue they feel it is.

Company Culture

World-renowned not-for-profit organization

Internal Communication

Undesirable feedback from caregivers is rarely acted upon by those higher up in the company


Teamwork is essential in my workplace

Work-Life Balance

Medically licensed staff may have the option to work 3x12hr shifts or 4x10hr shifts per week

Support from management

Management cares about our issues & concerns so they can ensure positive experiences for all patients.

Freedom to work independently

Each employee works very independently, with only occasional reviews unless required more frequently

Inclusive / Diverse

There has recently been a push to hire more male nurses to diversify the team(s)

Gender Equality

I believe it's fair to claim that the majority of nurses & the majority of hospital employees are female. Women can be found in roles spanning from entry level positions up to the corporate teams

Attitude towards older colleagues

Older employees are offered opportunities to continue working until they decide they want to retire. Often, retired caregivers will spend time volunteering at the hospital, as well.

Office / Work Environment

Hospitals must be in pristine condition to operate, so I would hope this is a given! (And it is)

Environmental Friendliness

Practices recycling, actively engages in environmentally friendly activities.

Handicapped Accessibility

Accommodations for patients & caregivers throughout the hospital(s)

Workplace Safety

Many, many, many safety trainings for all roles to follow

Overall compensation for your work

My entry level position does much of the same work & is exposed to all the same risks as other medical staff, yet we are paid just over minimum wage. However, benefits are unbelievably great.

Company Image

Great company, known for quality care, treats employees well with unmatched benefits, currently "on the frontlines" in the COVID-19 Pandemic

Career Development

Working in an entry level position, myself & several coworkers have plans to complete additional education & acquire certifications to advance into different positions within the company

Challenging Work

Technical & critical, but entry level

Job Security