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Providence is a good & big company with a solid reputation. The work environment is comfortable and safe. The pay is low

Not recommended
EmployeeWorked in Finance at Providence Health & Services - Oregon in Renton, WA at the time of review.

What I like

I've never been treated bad here. The people are generally nice and friendly. It is kind of a big company, so you may feel some level of impersonalization, but management overall is easy going. You get employee discounts to certain stores, like Nike, Adidas, Columbia. They offer a trimet (public transit) pass annually. They have a yearly picnic, a yearly BBQ, and a yearly Christmas meal.

What I dislike

I would hope Providence catches up to other companies, when it comes to pay. When I compare what I make to others with the same type of job, it gets depressing, especially since I've worked here for so long.

Suggestions for improvement

Give employees longer lunch breaks (lunches are 30 minutes). Pay the employees more fairly. Take more holidays off (e.g., We have to work MLK Day and Veterans Day, when I know other people who has these days off). Give out more vacation/PTO time.

Company Culture

Fellow coworkers are friendly and respectful

Internal Communication

The company sends out weekly reports, monthly newsletters, emails, and company updates


We are taught tools to use, like SBAR or CUS

Work-Life Balance

They have a Work-Life balance program called Lifebalance

Support from management

Good support from managment

Freedom to work independently

You get to work your own assigned worklists

Inclusive / Diverse

There doesn't seem to be bigotry here.

Gender Equality

There are quite a number of women in management positions

Attitude towards older colleagues

There is seniority

Office / Work Environment

the work environment is wonderful

Environmental Friendliness

There are recycling bins at every cubicle and in break rooms

Handicapped Accessibility

Elevators and ramps are available

Workplace Safety

There are annual safety lessons you must pass. There is security guards, and nobody can get into the suites without the access code to the door

Overall compensation for your work

Horrible compensation. I feel underpaid.

Company Image

Providence has a great reputation locally

Career Development

It's just like most other places, in terms of growth opportunities

Challenging Work

There is a high learning curve. There are so many rules and policies to learn.

Job Security