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PwC:What's it like to work here?

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PwC experience report

  • 27.Feb 2018
  • Employee

PwC is a great company, albeit with flaws there are many partners who are all different. It depends who...


Suggestions for improvement

  • I think utilization is played up too much. I understand that is what brings money into the firm and the partner's pockets. More time should be taught making people experts in their field and while there are partners who seek to help you, many try to hide the ball instead of helping you learn and grow constructively.

What I like about the company

The work environment is second to none. You will work with a lot of smart people - both new joiners (with new ideas) and more experienced partners (with more traditional ideas). The atmosphere is challenging as there are unique issues that constantly come up and need to be resolved. Some of the partners are truly there for their teams and provide great support.

What I dislike about the company

Disapprove is a strong word - I think reality is just the better word.

I would say that you should expect to work long hours and while there are a lot of unique and novel issues that pop up, a lot of the work can be mundane and routine. There has been a tradition of giving the new hires are hard time. I recall when I started I ran errands (e.g., to pick up Starbucks for the team) or did menial tasks (e.g., photocopies).

The firm has laid off a lot of the secretaries (euphemistically referred to as EAs) and so an increasing load of administrative tasks have fallen on the directors/senior managers, managers, senior associates and associates.

And, well, in a large organization there are a lot of different personalities - many of whom are unpleasant to deal with - though I imagine it is the same in all large organizations.

Company Culture
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Attitude towards older colleagues
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Office / Work Environment
Environmental Friendliness
Work-Life Balance
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The following benefits were offered to me

Easy access to public transportation is offered 401(k) is offered Ability to work remotely is offered Desirable office location is offered Paid Parental Leave is offered 401(k) Match is offered Flexible spending account is offered Paid time off is offered Healthcare (including vision and dental) is offered Life insurance is offered
  • Company
    PriceWaterhouse Coopers (PwC)
  • City
    san francisco
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    Current employee
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The following perks were offered to me

Health and wellness programs is offered Employee events is offered Free Snacks/Drinks is offered