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Great company. As long as you aren't a banker.

Not recommended
Former EmployeeWorked in Production at Quicken Loans in Detroit, MI.

What I like

It is gladiator combat. Those that succeed are rewarded. Those that fail are dealt with swiftly.

What I dislike

QL is life. You are expected to place it about everything. You are married to your job. Any deviation from that will result in your termination.

Suggestions for improvement

Limit work weeks to 5 days. Limit work day to 8-9 hours.

Company Culture

QL has a very strong culture of the ISM's.

Internal Communication

Tons of communication. Too much communication. Emails from dawn to late into the night. You never can set your phone down.


Your director is always there to help.

Work-Life Balance

You won't have any. None. Don't hold out hope it will get better. It won't. 8:30 to 9pm is standard. Then a few times a week you'll make it all the to 8:50 and your director will come around say "Call your families, we're staying late". This is mandatory. This why everyone at QL is divorced.

Support from management

You get support if you are a producer. Otherwise you just get condescending meeting about why you didn't "ask for the business".

Freedom to work independently

Someone will be watching you 24/7. It's like 1987 but worse.

Inclusive / Diverse

Office is male dominated. Good news is that are consious of it.

Gender Equality

Everyone is equal on the sales floor. As long as you produce at a high level.

Attitude towards older colleagues

The work load is meant for kids. Older colleagues will have a hard time with 14 days straight of 12 hour days.

Office / Work Environment

The office is designed like a casino. Never let your eyes get bored and never let you know what time it is.

Environmental Friendliness

Lots of amenities. Coffee everywhere. Snacks. Gyms. You name it.

Handicapped Accessibility

Everything is well designed. Lifts and ramps everywhere.

Workplace Safety

It isn't safe to be pressured to work this hard.

Overall compensation for your work

You get well paid. It is the only upside.

Job Security

None. Everyone is expendable.

Company Image

They work hard to keep the image clean. That much advertising can fix any image.

Career Development

If you can make it on the sales floor long enough you will advance.

Challenging Work

Very hard work. Everything is scrutinized.