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Work was enjoyable at first. Then went sour. Process is broken or fragmented and too many changes.

Not recommended
Former EmployeeWorked at in Lincolnshire, IL.

What I like

Initial training is good and the trainer is very passionate and patient. Enjoyed my coworkers. Enjoyed the job until they implemented too many changes. Limitations took away from truly selling. Management concentration was too much based on internal numbe

What I dislike

If one is hired as an Inside Account Manager, don't frequently call them "basically a telemarketer"to our faces in team meetings, or ever. Many of us have spent years avoiding call centers and enjoy the true long term customer experience. Don't ruin the e

Suggestions for improvement

Get back to allowing the account managers to concentrate on the customer relationships. Pushing calls to the point where were just calling for the sake of making calls to hit a KPI is ridiculous and actually hurt customer relationships.

Company Culture

Culture came off as great until the management masks came off. Culture is two faced.

Internal Communication

Frequent meetings. Forthcoming with any changes made.


Yes. Teamwork and honesty was encouraged and held up between coworkers. However, management has a lack of trust with employees.

Work-Life Balance

Work life balance was good

Support from management

Management was supportive but didn't work with us as individuals. Used very general coaching techniques.

Freedom to work independently

They claimed Independence for employees but really they created a goal setup that required intense micro management.

Inclusive / Diverse

They claimed an open door policy, however no onion or suggestion mattered unless it had to do with increasing revenue.

Gender Equality

Has many women in upper management. Women treated fairly.

Attitude towards older colleagues

Treated fairly.

Office / Work Environment

For the most part was a suitable setup. Entire work experience there however I was using older computer, dinosaur headset, and dinosaur proprietary CRM programs. Made it a bit more challenging to communicate with customers if you can't hear them through a

Environmental Friendliness

Nothing verbal demonstrated. They had a recycle bin in the cafe but not in the workspace areas. Used a lot of styrofoam.

Handicapped Accessibility

Most areas of entire building were handicap accessible

Workplace Safety

No real accident prevention traffic. Wall posters of fire exits, and signage for tornado shelter. Building access required a key card.

Overall compensation for your work

Compensation was fair.

Job Security

Never felt stability. Common among employees of constant fear of being fired.

Company Image

What they preached about the company sounded to good to be true. It was too good to be true.

Career Development

Growth available based on favoritism

Challenging Work

The work was challenging in terms of share of wallet. Otherwise most purchasing from B2B customers was completed on their own on the website.