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Overall, I enjoyed my time there. The computer applications needed updating for faster navigation.

Former EmployeeWorked at Qvc in San Antonio, TX.

What I like

There provided excellent paid benefits with consideration for each employees personal needs and life balance. I worked under an experienced supervisor with over 10 years tenure with the company. She taught me alot that the training room simply could not have covered in specific situations. There would include us in monthly meeting to not only talk about our respective teams but the company as a whole. I felt included and an important part of the company.

What I dislike

I feel that the navigation system needs updating and better software for accommodating the amount of calls we received on a daily basis. In addition, providing more training and education on the particular products sold would benefit the customer as well as the sales experience for them. Many times there would be questions we as employees were not equipped to answer with the information provided to us. On that note, the rate at which information was updated in the ordering system should be quicker.

Suggestions for improvement

I think extending the employees lunch time would be greatly appreciated by all. Perhaps to 40 minutes instead of a 30 minute lunch. Considering we barely have time to catch our breath between calls, a little extra down time would be nice to recharge in the middle of our day.

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