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company QVC
City West Chester
Are you a Current or Former Employee? Former job since 2016
Position Employee
Department Production

Workplace Safety

Product Central is not ran properly. There is a small management clique there that brings down the entire department. PC management spends more time gossiping about their employees then implementing positive change in the work environment. They only act like leaders when upper management comes around to investigate them. PC management treats some of their employees unfairly, especially their african american employees. There is no equality amongst product central coordinators. Ask them.

I have witnessed them subjecting certain employees to unfair duties such as steaming everyday in order to pick on them and embarrass them in front of their co-workers, and hinder their growth purposely to keep them ignorant of their overall job duties. They do this in order to influence them to quit. I have witnessed PC management engage in malicious gossip regarding their employees and speak to their employees in a condescending manner several times. QVC overall is a good company to work for, but the older PC female supervisor and the young female PC department manager there are not good leaders. They have been reported before by PC's because of their inappropriate behavior. These two do not represent the QVC difference and do not show all of there employees the respect they deserve.

Suggestions for improvement

  • Hire new Product Central managers and supervisors who will treat the staff well and reflect the QVC difference.
company QVC
City West Chester
Are you a Current or Former Employee? Current employee
Position Others
Department IT

Company culture

It is live hete in studio park , becausevof live telecast.all the time somethingvis happening, feels good.

Support from Management

Manager don't work here on projects. They just watch videos on and give you work.

Level of Autonomy

Teammates are nice.


There is no communication policy. Also during the project lifecycle don't include thecright folks to include. I believe they are learning from higher executives.

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