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Good, smart people. Culture of independence and self-motivation.

EmployeeWorked at Rcg Global Services, Inc. in Iselin, NJ at the time of review.

What I like

Great people. Smart, good-hearted, ethical, hard working.

What I dislike

Sometimes you feel like you're on your own to sink or swim.

Suggestions for improvement

Better mechanisms for sharing information and tackling common problems across regions and projects.

Company Culture

Supportive, but it's up to you to make the most of your opportunities.

Internal Communication

Somewhat siloed between regions and projects. People are willing to help but always busy on their own projects.

Work-Life Balance

Like most jobs these days - it can take up all your time if you let it.

Support from management

Management is supportive but somewhat disengaged.

Inclusive / Diverse

Not a very diverse place but all the people seem open to and supportive of diversity.

Attitude towards older colleagues

RCG has more older employees than most places I've been. I like that they're respected.

Office / Work Environment

Depends on the region & project. Most of the offices are pretty standard.

Overall compensation for your work

Wish there were options. But the pay and bonuses are good.

Job Security

Everyone has to produce. Like any company - nothing is guaranteed.

Company Image

Small company and not well known. But those who know us generally think well of us.

Career Development

Lots of senior people but still room to promote from within if you work hard and do a good job.

Challenging Work

Interesting people, teams, and work.


Freedom to work independently

Gender Equality