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Going Downhill

Not recommended
EmployeeWorked at ReedGroup in Westminster, CO at the time of review.

What I like

Nothing at this point.

What I dislike

Culture of bullying and backstabbing. Lack of ethics in management-if it was not in writing it did not happen. Discrimination and harassment are rampant and encouraged. Zero opportunity for advancement. No work/life balance. No accountability for management. Pay does not cover cost of living.

Suggestions for improvement

Guardian needs to clean house from ops managers on up, then set up a check and balance system to hold ops managers accountable. Every role under ops manager is heavily audited and scored-ops managers should be treated the same. Provide actual management training (as in basic management techniques and people skills). Promote ETHICS over money.
Otherwise they're just going to keep losing good people to the competition. Senior management regularly jokes (within hearing of lower level employees) about not following or caring about the company values.

Company Culture

The bottom line is more important than employee engagement or welfare.

Internal Communication

If it is not in writing, it did not happen-and good luck getting it in writing.


Co-workers in the same job are great. Management not so much.

Work-Life Balance

Don't work here if you have a family. There is no work-life balance, there is only Reedgroup.

Support from management

Management only cares about the bottom line and $$$. Employees have died on the clock without management noticing.

Freedom to work independently

Nope. You will be monitored and constantly harassed about your numbers.

Inclusive / Diverse

One of the few good points is diversity.

Office / Work Environment

Unsafe working conditions are ignored.

Environmental Friendliness

Many trees died for this job.

Handicapped Accessibility

Evacuation response for differently abled still needs work-there is no plan for what happens when the elevators are not accessible.

Workplace Safety

Notification of medical crisis must be emailed to management and HR in explicit detail while the crisis is occurring, and even then employees will be asked to stay. If you did not notify in writing, your medical issue did not happen.

Overall compensation for your work

Pay is not commensurate to similar jobs in the same field.

Career Development

There are no options for advancement.

Challenging Work

The work is not challenging-the challenge is the sheer volume due to understaffing.

Gender Equality

Attitude towards older colleagues

Job Security

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