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I started in an entry level position and worked my way to a management position. I love it here

EmployeeWorked in Human resources/recruiting at Regions Hospital in Saint Paul, MN at the time of review.

What I like

I love the ability to work from home or in the office. I've grown as a professional here and feel I've gained an immense skillset that is useful not just at my place if employment, but also outside it.

What I dislike

Changes have been a bit disruptive when they were communicated poorly. I need to communicate to those I manage and that's difficult when I'm not told a change is coming.

Suggestions for improvement

A few of the departments need changes in leadership. There is high turnover due to micromanaging, poor teamwork, and authoritarian leadership.

Company Culture

There are some layers here but the culture is positive and promotes constant growth.i think the recent changes have been good for everyone

Internal Communication

Commination has gotten better over the past few years. There is still room for improvement but kudos are given and we are all aware of where we need to go, where we are going, and how we're doing.


This is dependent on the department. Some are better than others.

Work-Life Balance

I work from home when I need to, get adequate time off and have office space when I need to be at work. Definitely supportive of flexible work.

Support from management

I don't need much support but when I do, I can obtain it

Freedom to work independently

This is dependent on the level you work for. I work autonomously but I know many employees who are micromanaged

Inclusive / Diverse

Diverse ideas are welcomed and we are taught repeatedly that different opinions make a team better

Gender Equality

Men are still ahead of women but women are gaining leadership and director roles quickly.

Attitude towards older colleagues

I don't know this isn't something I've noticed

Office / Work Environment

Remodeling has accomplished this. I also work from home frequently.

Environmental Friendliness

Only in few areas

Handicapped Accessibility

Remodeling made sure we are disability friendly

Workplace Safety

I have not had this training but that doesn't mean it doesn't exist

Overall compensation for your work

I am slightly underpaid for market.

Company Image

I announce where I work to everyone so I'm definitely proud

Career Development

I started as a receptionist and now am management so yes there are plenty of growth opportunities

Challenging Work

I am kept busy and have many deadlines to juggle.

Job Security