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What a joke!

Not recommended
Temp / ContractorWorked in Production at Ricoh in Portland, OR at the time of review.

What I like

I like the people I work with. The company just stinks as a whole.

What I dislike

The entire structure. Start caring for your employees and stop the favoritism!!

Suggestions for improvement

Stop hindering the employees that want to suceed and grow with the company! Start payong people for what they do, not what you " think" ypu can afford to pay them. You are a milti BILLION dollar corporation, yet you eun things like a shoestring mom and pop store. Stop lining ole Jakes pockets with money! Start caring about your employees instead of MAKING them do stupid tests and then the favorites get to go on that stupid stars trip that's governed to what you want them to do.

Inclusive / Diverse

They preach about being diverse by thinking "Ricoh, Change", however they stick by " It works fine, don't change anything, or we'll write you up"

Attitude towards older colleagues

"You're at the top of your pay grade, so you have to retire, or do all of these classes, and go to all of these seminars, and by the way, we don't offer 3 of the classes..."

Office / Work Environment

"We are downsizing this site, so go online and find a site to go to. You have 30 days, before you are let go." They say they will help you. They help you out the door to the wolves!

Environmental Friendliness

When Ikon was around, everyone was genuinely friendly and cordial. Ricoh took over and you could instantly tell the difference. You don't talk to anyone, everyone is miserable, and low low pay!

Workplace Safety

It's practiced, but not inforced until an inspection comes up. The Ricoh mats are always tripping people, and some even get hurt because of tripping over the mats. Machines are "fixed" but sound louder than they should, and some people are confind to a desk 4 feet long and 4 feet wide...because it costs too much to ask the customer (at remote sites) for more space.

Overall compensation for your work

Ricoh doesn't pay but they sure want you to work 3-4 jobs!

Job Security

With POA taking over, I don't feel confident that Ricoh will be around much longer.

Company Image

Hardly anyone knows what "a Ricoh" is, or what the company does.

Career Development

Unless you are a favorite, or know someone high up the ladder, you aren't going anywhere with this company.

Challenging Work

You either get something way out of your expertise, or you get something you like, but it's so stripped down and dilated, you end up hating it.. But that's the Ricoh way!

Company Culture

Internal Communication


Work-Life Balance

Support from management

Freedom to work independently

Gender Equality

Handicapped Accessibility