Riverland Nursery: What's it like to work here?

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As an employee I couldn’t ask for a better environment to work in. The staff is friendly and encouraging!


What I like

As a recent college grad it’s hard to jump into an industry and be supported for what you already know but also what you don’t know. Riverland listened to my passion about my job and knew I would be a great fit. They never hire employees who do not have the necessary knowlegde to work in our field, which is important with a small staff, we all need to be able to learn from one another. I have no had to ask for a raise once at this company. The management is very good at seeing your strengths and rewarding you for a job well done. Though our job is stressful, we have a kind, funny, and encouraging staff who are passionate about what we do and how we help people. Customers are always raving about our merchendising and knowlegdeable staff!

What I dislike

We could use a bit more organization. But since being sold on December 1st we are working tirelessly to fix the mistakes from the pervios owner. There is a lot of work to be done around the nursery. We could use a renovation on our public restroom which is often dirty and hard to clean. We could also ise some organization in the office such as a filing system and a better way to keep up with client paperwork.

Suggestions for improvement

The building in general needs renovation. It is old and very hard to care for. But the new owners are working very hard to create a new morale for the employees offering us treatment we would have never recieved with the old owner.

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