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Make sure that when you take a management position in a retail store you need to have a trainable staff & compensation!!

Not recommended
Former EmployeeWorked at Sally Beauty Supply in Aurora, CO.

What I like

I don't have anything positive. The people who work there do NOT KNOW WHATTHEYRE TALKING ABOUT!!!!

What I dislike

The whole thing. From top to bottom!

Suggestions for improvement

Don't shit on the little guy! They are who builds and keeps your company successful!

Company Culture

they have to pay people a living wage to want to come to work.

Internal Communication

Bull dozes.


To work for!

Work-Life Balance


Support from management

they have to pay people a living wage to want to come to work.

Freedom to work independently


Inclusive / Diverse

Supply stores to shop at!

Gender Equality

I will always

Attitude towards older colleagues

Tell people other

Office / Work Environment


Environmental Friendliness

Heavens NO!!!! They don't care about whatever you've done for them, they'll just throw you away.

Handicapped Accessibility

Not at all. My store was sooo tiny!

Workplace Safety

Not at all. No cameras!

Overall compensation for your work

Lord Jesus NO! I have my blood sweat and tears LITERALLY to this company and they are very out of control.

Job Security

Not even for a million bucks.

Company Image


Career Development

Never again.

Challenging Work

Because I was stuck doing 5 things at once