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Santa Clara Valley Medical 

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Patient population is difficult and challenging. Compensation is below average means of other hospitals.

Not recommended

What I like

Hours may not be flexible but scheduling with the unit manager may be.

What I dislike

Pay for employees can definitely be increased to be comparable to other hospitals in the city. Need more staff support by management to ensure patients do not abuse staff, verbally/mentally/physically, with firm and direct consequences. Better hospital management and staff satisfaction rather than prioritizing customer satisfaction - health care and hospitals are meant to treat ill or dying patients, not to wait on them hand and foot.

Suggestions for improvement

Increase staff pay and lower the cost for part-time employee's benefits. Stricter policies in place to protect staff from abusive patients, with a zero-tolerance policy. Increase staff ratio, instead of always staffing to the minimum. Better relationship and more open communication between doctors and staff members - zero-tolerance policy in place as well for verbal abuse and humiliation. Staff nursing office with more RNs instead of floating unit RNs to other floors.

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