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Great compensation, terrible management

Not recommended
EmployeeWorked in IT at SAP in Newtown Square, PA at the time of review.

What I like

Compensation packages (even severance, early retirement, etc) are excellent.

What I dislike

Changes are announced from the top, then by the time they trickle down to the workers, another new direction has been set. Always playing catch-up.
There are very few good people managers at SAP.

Suggestions for improvement

Hire more real employees with industry experience. Use fewer contractors, as they have no skin in the game.
Get the realization that a manager is not the same as a leader

Work-Life Balance

Long, thankless days

Inclusive / Diverse

IT employees are primarily Indian

Gender Equality

SAP speaks of gender equality. As a black woman, I can tell you categorically I am in a super-minority

Attitude towards older colleagues

Too many millennials with no respect for experience.

Environmental Friendliness

I work in LEED-certified building where a lot of people are often sick - mold grows in the corners of the windows and probably inside the cooling vents.

Job Security

There is no job security at SAP anymore. People with 20 years of experience are tossed-out every three or so years to make way for younger, cheaper (and clueless) people.

Company Culture

Internal Communication


Support from management

Freedom to work independently

Office / Work Environment

Handicapped Accessibility

Workplace Safety

Overall compensation for your work

Company Image

Career Development

Challenging Work