San Antonio Shoemakers (SAS): What's it like to work here?

San Antonio Shoemakers (SAS)

Hello, is anyone listening?

EmployeeWorked in Distribution/sales at Sas Shoemakers in San Antonio, TX, TX at the time of review.

What I like

The best thing about the company is the quality of their product.

What I dislike

Having been an accountant and doing audits, the quarterly shoe count is cumbersome. The company should hire an independent auditing firm to write the guidelines for the quarterly count(audit).

Suggestions for improvement

SAS has gone to expense of having shoes approved by Medicare as diabetic approved but has provided us no means to dispense diabetic shoes for Medicare.

Company Culture

SAS has an excellent product but as an associate I can not fully accommodate the needs of all the guests.

Internal Communication

Too much of communication is done verbally and not in a written form.


Our team fully communicates expectations and needs, we work very well as a team.

Work-Life Balance

The nature of having a small team requires that we cover for our team mate when they are off and causes use to work more hours.

Support from management

Store manager support excellent, some times support at the corporate level is not so much.

Freedom to work independently

Store manager open to new ideas as long as they are within the corporate guidelines.

Inclusive / Diverse

Everyone is welcome

Gender Equality

I am a female and treated no differently than a male employee.

Attitude towards older colleagues

Since I am an older employee, the work environment is appreciative of my experience that I have gained with age.

Office / Work Environment

There are some things that could be changed to improve productivity. A cart on wheels at counter height to use to check and repaper boxes, also a rolling stool to do inventory.

Environmental Friendliness

The employees are very friendly, sometimes the guests are not.

Handicapped Accessibility

Except for our front and back doors, we are totally handicap accessible.

Workplace Safety

Too many electrical cords because of lack of electrical outlet, also we have to climb a latter to wash windows.

Overall compensation for your work

The pay is commensurate with the city but I couldn't afford to purchase our shoes if I didn't have other income.

Job Security

I have no doubt that as long as I want a job here I will be here.

Company Image

I am confused about the company image. We are suppose to be a high end retail, but then we are required to do grass roots marketing. The Omni system is not working as presented to us. We place an Omni order after checking to see if the shoe is available, but then the shoe is not shipped in a timely manner. The customer then holds us responsible while we have no control over the shipment of the item.

Career Development

There is no career development. I have had many years experience as an independent shoe retailer and now as an employee. The company does not fully use my experience,

Challenging Work

The work is not challenging, sometimes guests and corporate are challenging.