San Antonio Shoemakers (SAS): What's it like to work here?

San Antonio Shoemakers (SAS)

Loved working for SAS

Not recommended
EmployeeWorked at Sas Shoemakers in San Antonio, TX, TX at the time of review.

What I like

hours, distance from my home and it's Monday-Friday

What I dislike

Management not knowing what they are doing and not trying to learn, management not treating employees equal and not taking time to listen

Suggestions for improvement

do not send a new manager into a department without him or her getting some training for the position, they should learn everything about a department, have upper management train them, before they take over so they know what we are talking about when we need help.


there is no team work, work is not distributed equally
it's like we are in school (pets)

Support from management

set goals but without consideration of employees, when management don't learn the jobs they are trying to change
first. They make changes for the better so they say but at the end its the blind leading the blind

Freedom to work independently

new management comes in and you are not doing your job to there expectations but you have been with the company for years and they are new with SAS so they pick and pick

Inclusive / Diverse

the company, but not your supervisors, that is the problem

Attitude towards older colleagues

i don't think so, but again it's management new employees make more money, miss a lot of work and we have to train them, is it because we are older? but yet they get paid more and get the easy work.

Overall compensation for your work

Nope, we are doing 2 and 3 jobs and get paid for one, is it because we are older? also we only get 2 weeks of PTO, after 30 something years

Company Culture

Internal Communication

Work-Life Balance

Gender Equality

Office / Work Environment

Environmental Friendliness

Handicapped Accessibility

Workplace Safety

Job Security

Company Image

Career Development

Challenging Work

Company Response

At SAS, we emphasize the value of our employees and treat everyone with respect. We understand that our employees have a choice for where they want to work, and we show our appreciation that they have selected us by working hard to ensure we provide them with the best possible working environment.