Shelby County Schools: What's it like to work here?

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The community of Shelby county desperately need the school system to work well. My position is important to that.

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EmployeeWorked at Shelby County Schools in Memphis, TN at the time of review.

What I like

While I will never understand why public education is so antiquated, and I become extremely frustrated with those above me, I do not regret one minute of me able to make any kind of impact of the students of this community

What I dislike

Budget decisions are extremely inefficient. Too many "middle management" who have titles but no really power. Their positions are based on an endorsement coded on their education license and not quality of work.

Suggestions for improvement

I would allow teachers absolute freedom to perform their job. Only if the students are not performing would I require them to change.I would look at each student as an individual so they reach graduation on the path that best fits their aptitudes and skil

Company Culture

I am lucky that I have some good co-workers in a difficult place where there is little support

Internal Communication

Better with negative than the positive.


More of a "do what we say" without knowing challenges

Work-Life Balance

Less time during work hours forces work to home

Support from management

Some parts of district provide support while others do not

Freedom to work independently

Almost every part of teaching is now scripted.

Inclusive / Diverse

Workforce is very diverse

Gender Equality

Women hold many administrative positions

Attitude towards older colleagues

Retirement in Tennessee education is 30 years and raises end at 18

Office / Work Environment

Temp controlled from a central location. Building are different

Environmental Friendliness

My school does because a faculty member took control of recycling. District as a whole does not

Workplace Safety

Required trainings every year

Job Security

High evaluation scores and work the continue improving

Company Image

Because of the work I do with students

Career Development

Degree based, not quality of work.

Challenging Work

Public education has so many factors coming at those of us in the buildings. Pressure from students and parents and more from administration at the district and state levels.

Handicapped Accessibility

Overall compensation for your work