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  • Nov 12, 2015

Taking the Good with the Bad

company Sheldon I.S.D.
City Houston
Are you a Current or Former Employee? Current employee
Position Others
Department IT

Suggestions for improvement

  • Accountability, respect, and understanding would have to be my top three concerns. Previous technicians shouldn't be allowed to leave a campus technology storage, IDF, MDF, or just work area in general, in a mess before having someone else take over. Meaning actual junk strewn all over the place and/or obscene amounts of incomplete help requests. Being grown people means cleaning up after yourself, and it doesn't make sense to have to organize and cleanup after adults, especially in higher positions. Leading by example, by doing the work that you expect everyone else to do goes a lot further than commanding it from above while doing very little or nothing at all on the side lines. Obvious disrespect and public reticule shouldn't be as common place as it is with senior staff. The level of favoritism received by a select few has made so many projects, and tasks unbearable because the bar is set so low for them, and so high for the person with the ambition to do it right. It's almost as if you're punished for wanting to complete the job right the first time. Lastly, understanding. Communication takes many forms, and it takes time to get a universal understanding of what people mean by the different ways they express themselves orally or otherwise. I've seen a lot of unnecessary, even childish aggravation over these natural differences departmentally. Being able to explain something in different ways is the hallmark of the educational environment in which we work in, and it doesn't make much sense to have senior members become irate so quickly because clairvoyance isn't the listeners strong suit. As they say, "if at first you don't succeed, try, try again."

I like about the employer

Anybody that's looking to get off the ground in the foundations of I.T. repair, helpdesk, and general interpersonal relationship refinement, couldn't find a better place in my opinion. The technology department here is a small one considering the shear amount of devices you deal with daily: from Dell laptops and desktops, AppleTV's, TV's, projectors, to document cameras, network switches, network cabling, VOIP phones, iPhones, iPads and more! However, it means you'll have your hands in a lot of equipment in no time (to an extent.. see what I don't like). One of the greatest benefits to working here in my opinion is the absence of constant in-person supervision. Majority of the time, you're free to establish your own work habits, and complete your tasks and/or projects with very little, if any, interjection. The staff at majority of the campuses, and administrative areas have more often than not been extremely friendly and helpful with very few exceptions. I also enjoy the down to earth qualities of a lot of the people there. In contrast to a lot of places where intimidation by title, position, age, or education (especially), is the first tool utilized to get their way. Not that it's completely removed, but it's far and few in-between, at least where I reside in the district. Regarding pay, it's not bad for the area, and from what I've heard, one of the higher paying districts, but only if you're not living too far out. There was room for negotiation, but it wasn't as pleasant of a bartering session as it could have been. More on that in "what I don't like..."

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