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Sheppard Pratt Health Systems COULD be offer a good experience with direct psychiatric care but doesn't.

EmployeeWorked at Sheppard Pratt Health System, Inc. in Towson, MD at the time of review.

What I like

I don't really have a positive personal experience. I suppose things have improved for me since changing departments but truthfully, the bottom-dwellers here (MHWs) will never have great support from management, will likely always be underpaid and underappreciated, will always be thrown out and replaced at the slightest misstep no matter their legacy or loyalty to the company.

What I dislike

The payscale is atrocious here. I've been with the company 5 years, been working direct care with no write-ups, nothing below "exceeds expectations" on my annual assessments, and I still make $13-and-change an hour. Value your low level players better. They're the ones on the floor keeping things afloat. If they have something to say then listen, if multiple staff are bringing up another person's poor work ethic, look into it, if someone is trying to build themselves up in the company, support them directly. Turnover here is the same as a fast food restaurant and somehow nobody cares.

Suggestions for improvement

Better, more frequent and more supportive training. More check-ins with staff/shifts to receive feedback on how to improve morale. Higher pay or better increases than an annual 2% across the board (which can be 23 cents to some people and 2 dollars to others). Have annual reviews mean something! If a staff has consistent good scores for years, DO SOMETHING to entice them to stick around! Also include all staff/shifts in employee events. 80% of the time, night shift staff doesn't receive anything while day/evening staff get parties, catered dinners, etc.

Company Culture

Very clique-ish, upper management doesn't support lower level direct care staff, risky place of employment at times.

Internal Communication

I send a lot of information up the ladder but information rarely ever gets sent back down.


Encourages? Maybe. But nobody capable of change keeps an eye on the staff who sit around not working for hours or days on end despite multple testimonies from multiple coworkers.

Work-Life Balance

Before my transfer, this wasn't a thing. The hospital is constantly shortstaffed and begging for people to pick up extra shifts (or else forcing them to through mandation). My newer position has better coverage and less staff needs.

Support from management

Only once in awhile.

Freedom to work independently

Considering I'm the only one working my shift with eight clients, I guess so.

Inclusive / Diverse

I wouldn't say they're entirely close-minded to hearing them but I doubt they'll utilize them to make a better place of business.

Gender Equality

There are lots of women in higher positions of power. As long as they put on a good face and defend the company at the expense of their lower-level employees.

Attitude towards older colleagues

Much of the veteran, upper management staff has been getting pushed out the door since new CEO entered the company a couple years ago.

Office / Work Environment

Sometimes in summer the air conditioning dies for a couple days, and night shift usually doesn't have the temp adjusted for their hours of work.

Environmental Friendliness

More-so in my current position than from where I transferred.

Handicapped Accessibility

Yep, not a problem, especially with it being a hospital.

Workplace Safety

Training to restrain an aggressive patient takes place over the course of a couple hours and refreshers are once every two or so years.

Overall compensation for your work

No. Just no. You make $13 or an hour starting out without experience and for that you're on the front lines getting tackled, harassed, spit on, etc by psychotic or temperamental patients while management sits back and tells you they can't do anything else.

Job Security

My current manager is very understanding of my experience and disposition at work. I feel I can trust him with concerns and can have a bad day without jeopardizing my employment.

Company Image

Not really. I'm proud to learn about the field, proud to give back some way (due to a personal experience or two with this type of establishment and behavior).

Career Development

Not unless you're one of the special chosen golden children your manager wants to fast-track to the top.

Challenging Work

My stress has greatly decreased since a change in department/leadership. I oversee a semi-independent living house as part of a voluntary program through SPHS, place orders, moderate client mood stability, general oversight.