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Working here has been great. I get to use the newest and advanced technologies while also getting to be creative.

C-Suite / LeadershipWorked at Sony in Charlotte, NC at the time of review.

What I like

The company’s environment is good mainly due to liking my coworkers. We get along well because we share interests. Four times a month or once per week coworkers meet up after hours for happy hour at bars near the company. I also get great discounts.

What I dislike

More in depth instruction and in written form from managers would be useful. More time spent on creative company products over non-beneficial but mandatory team meetings would cause greater worker productivity.

Suggestions for improvement

I would improve the workplace environment by allowing a more business casual dress code. I’d allow for longer breaks during the day and permit employees to work from home or their choice of location twice a week.

Company Culture

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Inclusive / Diverse

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