Sony Electronics: What's it like to work here?

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sony is a great place to work and i love mostly all the employess i work with as far as performance. this job is great..

C-Suite / LeadershipWorked at sony in New York City, NY at the time of review.

What I like

sony is a great place to work. most of there emloyees are honest and i would not give that up for the world. when i stated 15 years ago. they welcomed me with open arms. showed me the ropes and everything else. i love this place

What I dislike

nothing i have not had any problems since i started and i love this place. the pay is good and everyone is honest most of the time

Suggestions for improvement

not im overall happy with everything sony has to offer

Company Culture

i feel great we all work together as a team

Internal Communication

we work great as a team


every one works together

Work-Life Balance

besides traveling every other day it does

Support from management

theres always help

Freedom to work independently

great workers

Inclusive / Diverse

every one is heard

Gender Equality

there is no discrimination at sony

Attitude towards older colleagues

every one gets a fair shot

Office / Work Environment

workers love the environment

Environmental Friendliness

we do our share

Handicapped Accessibility

not many

Workplace Safety

we always put safety first

Overall compensation for your work

sony pays hansomely

Job Security

very stable

Company Image

i love it

Career Development

we support all of our employess

Challenging Work

very challenging because some efforts require optimum accuracy