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Southwest Healthcare Services, 

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I have worked for Southwest Healthcare Services in some capacity or another for over half my life. I’ve been happy...


What I like

My supervisors are awesome. They are very family oriented so they encourage attending my kids’ events and allow for time off. I’ve been an employee for a long time, so my PTO accumulates rather quickly. I love my patients. They are the best part of the job. It’s. Ice to go to work every day and know you get to make a difference. It’s also nice to be excited to go to work in the morning.

What I dislike

I feel communication was lacking for a while. But our new administrator has worked very hard to open that line of communication back up again. I feel like we get a lot more information and feedback after managers’ meetings now.

Suggestions for improvement

I feel the environment is improving. I think people are just more mindful of their coworkers and patients and trying to make it a more positive environment. I’ve had overall very positive experiences at my workplace.

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