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spectrum association 

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Potential to be GREAT, just BAD upper management!

Not recommended
Former Employee

What I like

5 weeks PTO

What I dislike

No potential growth from within the company. The employees that are the backbone of the company are overlooked.

Suggestions for improvement

New CEO with actual experience in such, new upper management at the Houston Division with experience. Needs more structure with departments and procedures.

Company Culture

Spectrum has great employees that work there.

Internal Communication

Upper management (Upper level manager's & Division President) will constantly set unrealistic goals and deadlines with little to no source of resources. Will not help out/ or give guidance to help you meet expectations.


Depends on the level of urgency. Usual teamwork only occurs when its more than likely that the office is perceived in a negative way.

Work-Life Balance

The propaganda they will sell you on is "5 weeks PTO." As enticing as it seems, you will go on vacay, time off, etc.. and will return with a large work load.

Support from management

You will only receive support if, again, the level of urgency is high. Everyone is overworked and is fending for themselves. (Except "some" of the ones that have personal relationships with upper management outside of work)

Freedom to work independently

You have the ability to work independently. Use to be able to work from home occasionally, but they quickly ended.

Attitude towards older colleagues

The attitude towards older colleagues is exceptional.

Office / Work Environment

The work environment is pretty decent. Some employees are down to earth.

Handicapped Accessibility

Its pretty safe. Occasional break in's and robberies have occurred.

Overall compensation for your work

High demand in work. Low rate in pay. Exceptionally low. *Especially in their market*

Career Development

Hard to advance or be promoted internally. Very selective on revealing new job positions with internal staff. Usually will search for new employees externally. Lastly, a promotion is not a promotion, if your hourly/salary pay "DOES NOT" increase.

Challenging Work

Work will always be challenging when the work is not evenly distributed, and lack of resources within a company.

Inclusive / Diverse

Gender Equality

Environmental Friendliness

Job Security

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