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St. Vincent Health, 

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Is now outsourcing every job they can to India. Would not recommend working here if you value job security.

Not recommended

What I like

St. Vincent Health, which is part of Ascension Health, no longer values their employees. They are outsourcing every job they can to India to save a few dollars. They are doing this at all locations across the country. There is no job security here and I would no longer recommend them to anyone.

What I dislike

Since their mass layoffs starting in 2017 and outsourcing to India, which is still continuing, I disapprove of it all.

Suggestions for improvement

Rehire local workers, many of whom have devoted most of their adult lives to working for this company. This "nonprofit" healthcare organization is now focused on how much money they can save by hiring the cheapest labor from foreign countries they can find.

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