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  • Jan 12, 2016

Standard Parking Plus not worth the aggravation

company Standard Parking Plus
City Seattle
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Workplace Safety

Working conditions do not comply with OSHA standards. The shuttles are maintained at minimum efficiency. In the winter some heaters may not work and in the summer air conditioning may not work, but, you still have to drive the shuttle. A driver may or may not get a break in the day, as every driver signs a form giving up the lunch break, this is a standard form you must sign to work there.
The company assumes new drivers have training in driving shuttles and buses. New drivers are "trained" on routes by riding them once or twice.
Then assigned to "cover" where the company needs them. That may be standing outside of a building for a few hours helping passengers. Safety meetings are held about every 3 to 4 months on a Saturday 9am to 1:30 pm. Mandatory. They are ineffective at teaching safety, you get a print out of safety items and admin will introduce themselves to you. The company does not care about you as a person, as a driver, you better be early to work, never sick and deferential to admin.
The work rules are flexible, you are given a company handbook when you start work and told to read it, yet, admin constantly changes the rules. The handbook is changed when they give the employee a printout with a different spin on a rule and make them sign that it has been received, then admin will attempt to follow the new policy, no supervisor follows policy in the same way.
There is no break room for employees at work. You will be driving in circles on a route, your break consists of finding a restaurant or bathroom along the route, remember you have 10 minutes. Lunch is 30 minutes, whether traffic has made you late or not. Remember you signed a waiver to give up your lunch breaks.
The main point is... This company keeps its drivers on edge and guessing. There is no job security here. They want you to tow the line or your job is in danger. It's a constant theme. All supervisors are in charge of the drivers, so one supervisor annoyed with you is enough to get you canned. It's just not worth it here.


As a driver for Standard Parking Plus, Admin, say's they value drivers, but, actions do not prove that out.

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