Star Community, Inc.: What's it like to work here?

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Within direct job area, is wonderful/supportive. The overall CEO/other branches of company lack...

Not recommended

What I like

Direct supervisors are well knowledgeable and supportive in their areas. There are always good remarks about how well organized the company is. Paid time off and employee appreciation are well thought out, our Human Resources department truly cares for the employees. My direct supervisor provides al I need or helps me find answers I don't know.

What I dislike

The CEO of the company should be more knowledgeable in what exactly each area of the company does, and what exactly the employees put into their job. We get no overtime. The head of marketing development does not accept others opinions and think they know how each area is run and how to do everything for that department when sometimes it would be better to ask so they provide correct info.

Suggestions for improvement

The directors and CEO, other head teams really need to work together more and have good clear communication. Also, the pay rate for line of work done is very minimal.

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