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If run as corporate wished, would have been better. Owners & mgmt were horrible & unfair. 2 1/2 yrs yet no loyalty, ever

Not recommended
Former EmployeeWorked at SUBWAY CORP in Crestline, CA.

What I like

10% discount on ONE item, per shift
Free drinks
Had to work even when sick
Fired for being 20 minutes late after 2 1/2 years of working there, then they CONTESTED MY CLAIM FOR UNEMPLOYMENT!! And they lied, saying I abandoned my position. I said I did not. I'm right here, in uniform and ready to work. (I was moving. Had requested the day off but my request wasn't honored. I woke a few minutes late. Was there 20 minutes after my shift started.
This is a small town and they own businesses & are on local boards ie..Chamber of Commerce, so, like every other former employee of theirs, I went away quietly. If franchisees ran Subway the way Corporate Subway intended, team players, no backbiting, etc...It would have been a great place to work. But when the backstabbing and bullshit comes from your owners and management...there's no solution. You're screwed.

What I dislike

Nothing, really, regarding Corporate Subway.
But the owners/franchisees and management can take a good place, in theory and intent, and make it a terrible place to work, for employees, and a questionable place to spend ones hard earned money. I mean, we got in trouble for giving a discount, like, for example, the Senior Discount, or even telling them about discounts or specials, if they didn't already know!!!

Suggestions for improvement

Have a way for employees to report gross injustices and poor treatment without fear of retaliation..NO NAMES UNCOVERED.
No retaliation for calling in sick. Employees exposed to all kinds of germs and illnesses in the course of their work day because the nature of the job requires contact with the general public everyday all day. No one wants to have the person preparing their food come into work sick. It's bad for business. And it's miserable for the employee. And either giving employees a minimum number of hours or allowing them to work a second job without any repercussions. They expect this to be your total focus of your life but yet they don't give enough hours to live on. Especially in Southern California. They would rather hire more employees so they don't have to pay benefits or anything beyond the minimum they have to pay. Yet if you try to supplement your income... Forget about it. It's just not fair right and every employee that I know who is worked for the Subway location where I worked felt unappreciated, sometimes really picked on, overworked underpaid... Not happy campers. I mean I know it's Subway but the way that the business is intended to be run... Is not the way the location I worked for was run. I'm so glad to be out of there and I would never socialize with my superiors there even though this is a small town... Because they act like they're Superior and they treated us like we were nothing. Like I said I'm glad I'm out of there.

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