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company T-Mobile
City Connecticut
Applied for position Retail Sales Associate
Year of application 2016
Result Absage

Application questions

  • Tell me a time where you had to use your sales experience to close a sale ?, Tell me a time you had to multitask ?, Tell me a time where had to be creative and solve a problem that needed to be fixed ?
  • What did you like about your old job and what did you hate ? Are you going to school ? What are you majoring in ? Why do you want to work for T-Mobile ? What do you know about T-Mobile from personal knowledge ?


I have 5 years+ Sales Experience and was "rejected" by a non reply after the interview. The requirements where 2 years+ of Sales exerience. Not only did I work as in advocate for T-Mobile through a partnership but I was considered "management level" with the job responsibilities I had. The application was for a retail sales associate not management. The interview was also was a simple interview (after the next day it was scheduled since the original day the manager didn't show up and didn't notify until I showed up for he interview on time).

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