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Out of Touch with Reality = You have high turnover and don't know why

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Suggestions for improvement

When a manager at any company needs a new worker (someone quit, someone was fired, the company is growing, etc), that manager knows the most about what the position requires. No one else in the company knows more about that job than the direct manager over that position. So, that direct manager should do the interviewing and hiring. OBVIOUSLY!! That is a core part of his job. What does that really mean?

A person in human resources often has NO CLUE what that job is about. Let's take an example. Company XYZ needs to hire a new field service engineer to travel throughout the United States 70% of the time doing work at customer sites. Guess what? The human resource agent has never traveled outside of his home city in his entire life, never been on an airplane, knows little to nothing about company XYZ's products, knows little to nothing about company XYZ's customers, has never met any of company XYZ's customers, has no intimate knowledge about customer relations at company XYZ, has never met nor spoken with any of the company's current employees that hold that position, yet the very first person that a new hire has to get through is this clueless human resource person. This process does not make a drop of sense to the direct manager nor the new hire. The only people who it makes sense to are the people in human resources.

News flash! --- Human resource people should be used to process paperwork ONLY!!! Human resources people have absolutely NO BUSINESS talking to anyone, especially not to potential new hires!!

But, instead of facing the fact that the entire human resource department is DEAD WEIGHT (I mean really, they don't make a product, they don't provide a service to a customer, they don't add any value to the company), instead of taking some responsibility for their errorful ways, they just blame the new hires. Oh, the reason for our high turn over is because we aren't hiring the right people. So, they make the hiring process more difficult. They make more requirements. Must have a degree. Must have 10 years of experience. Must be at least 33 years old - obviously (5 years to get through college and then 10 years of experience on top of that). Etc., etc. Meanwhile people never stop to think about how ridiculous this is.

Bill Gates does not have a degree. So, obviously, by HR standards, Bill Gates is not eligible to work for 75% of the open job positions in the United States right now. If Bill Gates wanted to work for your company right now, he couldn't. Why? Because he wouldn't be able to get past the clueless HR person standing at the front door to the company.

This takes me to my next point. There is often the candidate who has a work history with something that is very complicated like astrophysics. Then they apply for a job doing something like painting at a construction site. The human resources person says, "Well how many years experience do you have as a painter?" None. "Well, you aren't qualified to do this job." Unbelievable. You would think that if the person is smart enough to be an astrophysics engineer then he would certainly be smart enough to apply some paint to a building. But - no. The human resources person is just not that smart. So, the company loses out on hiring potentially their future CEO. They could have hired this brilliant person, started them out as a painter, let him work his way up through management, etc. But - no. The human resources person doesn't have that vision nor that level of intelligence, nor even that type of dedication to the company.

The answer is: eliminate HR completely. Throw the entire department in the garbage. You don't need it. It's dead weight. It's worse than dead weight. Its a significant liability to the company's health.

Unfortunely, for the company, and ultimately unfortunately for the fate of the United States, the only person who will ever read this is the HR person. So, this will probably just go in the trash because why would the HR person take any responsibility and forward it on to a manager?

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