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This was a bad experience and I was deliberately misled by Tassi Communications

Not hired
CandidateApplied as PR Account Director in 2019 and did not receive an offer.

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This is a one-person company without the resources to hire part or full-time employees. They have a contract staffer or two at most. The job description advertised for a full-time PR Account Director but they cannot afford this type of hire. This was a waste of my time and I was deliberately misled by this company. Very unprofessional and not typical of a real public relations firm.

Interview questions

  • I was asked about my salary requirements and my experience. Prior to the interview, I was asked about my salary range. After the initial phone call, I was invited to lunch with the full knowledge of my salary range. In the end, the president of the company clearly wanted someone way below-market-rate and told me that she was going to hire a "support" person instead of hiring a PR Account Director.
  • The head of the company asked if I had kids and if I planned to have them. This was very inappropriate and unprofessional.

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