The Coca-Cola Company: What's it like to work here?

The Coca-Cola Company

I enjoy coming to work and be greeted by the same people that i share an office with. Someone goes and gets lunch for us

EmployeeWorked at Ada Coca Cola Bottling Company in San Francisco, CA at the time of review.

What I like

Well they are the best at what they do. They provide consumers with the means in which they can pick up supplies and have what they need at a one stop shop type set up. I really like the way the job is organized and i like the salary that i make on a daily basis

What I dislike

There is nothing that i disapprove of it is perfect the way it is made and constructed to operate. I really likeml1

Suggestions for improvement

I wouldnt change anything the company works well the way they are currently managed and maintained.

Company Culture

I feel my co workers are very supportive of others and the kind of work that we do in the field that we are in.

Internal Communication

My coworkers are very well mannered and we are like family


Each of my coworkers maintain a positive attitude and get work done

Work-Life Balance

Im afforded the regular time off as other employees

Support from management

Management provides the right kind

Freedom to work independently

Each of my coworkers realizes what their duties are and we endeavor to carry out those duties

Inclusive / Diverse

There is a mix of people where i work not just predominately one race or ethnicity

Gender Equality

We are an equal oppertunity place of business

Attitude towards older colleagues

Everybody is treated with respect and everybody gets along

Office / Work Environment

We are very well off at work we have decent break times

Environmental Friendliness

We recyle at my job infact i take the recyclables in with my truck

Handicapped Accessibility

There is space for those that are disabled weather they are making a purchace or seeking employment

Workplace Safety

My work enviornment is osha safe

Overall compensation for your work

I am comfortable with my current job and do not seek any reprive a

Job Security

I have a stable position at my job and see myself going in a new direction

Company Image

I enjoy where i work and take a delight in coming to work everyday

Career Development

I see a chance for me to grow in this company and i will stay with them if i can until it is time for me to retire.

Challenging Work

My job is very challenging it involes me getting involved with everything that the public has to solve problems or descrepency wise